Film Forum Trailer

 Film Forum Trailer

Carter's Notes

Hidden in the bowels of the Carpenter Center at Harvard lurked an Oxberry animation stand and George Griffin was nice enough to let me continue to use it after I graduated. I always hoped for an opportunity to repay this generosity, and it came in 1996 when he called me to ask if I'd write music for the Film Forum trailer.

The Film Forum is an extraordinary non-profit cinematheque in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. The director, Karen Cooper, wanted a trailer to show before every screening and she happened to be married to George Griffin. George animated it on a personal computer, which I believe was a new thing for him, and I wrote music that derived its rhythms from the mechanical/contructivist imagery George used to open and close the piece.

Film Info

Animated by George Griffin

Music by Carter Burwell

First presented in 1996.
Updated with new animaton in 2002.