The Chamber

The Chamber

The Chamber

Gene Hackman

Film Info

Directed by James Foley
Written by John Grisham (novel), William Goldman and Chris Reese
Produced by John Davis, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard

Composed and Conducted by Carter Burwell
Orchestrated by Sonny Kompanek
Music Editor: Adam Smalley, J.J. George
Music Scoring Mixer: Mike Farrow
Contractor: Emile Charlap
Recorded and Mixed at Manhattan Center Studios, New York City

Starring Gene Hackman, Chris O'Donnell, Faye Dunaway, Robert Prosky

U.S. Release October, 1996

Gene Hackman and Chris O'Donnell


"If the film's purpose had been to present an unredeemable villain, they would have cast Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, M. Emmet Walsh or another actor who can be read as completely hateful. Hackman is a superb actor, but even in his most vile moments here, the musical score undermines the effect by sneaking in feelings of sadness and thoughtfulness. Listen carefully when the grandson tells Cayhall about a fake bomb in his motel room; the music playing under Cayhall's reaction gives away the ending." - Roger Ebert, Oct. 11, 1996

Faye Dunaway