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"... film is as smooth as can be, with Carter Burwell's lively and inventive score demonstrating that unusual things can be done to give unexpected and imaginative punctuation to even the most generic action." - Todd McCarthy, Variety, August 4, 1997.

"...From the catchy rhythm of the 'Overture' to the outstanding theme in 'Riding', every minute of this score is a pure joy to listen to. This one is a head turner, a must have, a definitive masterpiece." - Helen San,

Audio Samples

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 Title   Format   Len 
Entire Album   Amazon       41:00
Overture   Amazon mp3   3:45
NASA Strikes   Amazon mp3   2:42
First Date   Amazon mp3   1:12
Conspiracy Theory   Amazon mp3   2:12
The Catcher   Amazon mp3   3:22
Turning Into a Jerry   Amazon mp3   1:36
Riding   Amazon mp3   2:34

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Film Info

Directed by Richard Donner
Written by Brian Helgeland
Produced by Joel Silver

Composed by Carter Burwell
Music Editor: Adam Smalley
Music Scoring Mixer: Mike Farrow
Orchestrated by Sonny Kompanek
Contractor: Sandy Decrescent
Recorded and Mixed at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA

Starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart

U.S. Release August, 1997

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